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Our priests

Fr. Bill Browne, SJ is now our principal celebrant. He is occasionally spelled by Fr. Maurice Minne.

Prior to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum we were lucky to have the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) celebrated for us once every six months, usually when Fr. Robert Ryan came home to Newfoundland for a visit.

In past years Fr. Brendan McCarthy offered the Mass for us whenever we asked him. Since Fr. McCarthy was stationed in a neighbouring diocese, these Masses were infrequent, usually held in Trinity, Newfoundland, in the summer, which required the hiring of a bus to take our party on the three hour journey.

St. John’s native Fr. William Ashley has also offered the Mass for us on occasion, over the years. Unfortunately his visits home have been infrequent in recent years.

We’ve also had the good fortune, on a couple of occasions, of hosting Fr. John Melnick, FSSP. We hope to have him as our guest again, before long.